July 19, 2017


                     This post is written from the blogger personal view and experience! it is the bloggers own opinion, as you know peoples opinion differs,so it is not directed to offend anyone personally. "IT IS NOT A HATE SPEECH"! Its goal is to help correct certain impressions and behavior!

Yeah, i know its not a good thing to generalize all men in in India! i think that saying of all men not being same is false when associated with the country India! i don't really think so, Almost all men are same as long as its in India! 

Indian men are pigs! and are really small minded people! there are so many reasons and il come to list them out for you soon. 

Why must every woman on Facebook have an Indian man asking for sex or nude picture? why are Indian men always disrespectful to foreigners? why are Indian men always so like hyper when it comes to sex?

 why are Indian men so disgusting,irritating and stupid?

So many questions about them,so many doubts ! My best advice for women who want to have any kind of relationship is to STAY AWAY FROM INDIAN MEN! 

Well, if you are stubborn and think that the Indian guy you are going out with is cool and not the rest of them then go ahead and date him,you can even marry him if you want. But time will tell!

 You will have him cheating on you within the 1st few hours of your lovely marriage (hahahaa)

Indian men are ruthless and wicked towards foreigners in their country especially African women from different part of Africa like Congo,Liberia,Nigeria etc

 I seem to have realized that Africans who aren't black in complexion like people from South Africa are treated differently from the ones who are really black in color. DOES IT EVEN MAKE SENSE? To me black is black ! it doesn't matter if one is darker than the rest. its the same thing.

Indian men can kill for sex! they just want to have sex with every woman they come across and for those type of men out there i pray they f*ck the woman who will give them the disease of their life. Maybe even die of aids!

  1. They are so dirty.
  2. So annoying.
  3. Most of them have no dream except the dream to have sex!
  4. They pick their nose in public.
  5. They scratch their butt in public.
  6. They spit and urinate around,anywhere and everywhere.
  7. They stink like pigs and feaces.
  8. They are ill-mannered and filthy.
  9. Disrespectful and cheaters.
  10. Touch women inappropriately. 
  1. Small minded people
  2. People who judge others easily without thinking about their own imperfections! 
  3. people who think they are perfect,spotless and without sin
  4. people who think foreigners are here to either prostitute and smuggle drugs
  5. people who think that some of their cheating,lying women wearing Saree are holier than the rest women out there!
  6. people who think the country "INDIA" is without corruption!
  7. People who are still racist but pretend not to be! 
  8. They are cheaters 
  9. They are liars
  10. They are fraudsters!
 THE LIST CAN GO ON AND ON............

Most Indians, if not all are guilty of the above! if you say you are not then its fine, we are all humans and tend to apply the defenses mechanism without knowing that it has been applied.

 Lets look deeper into all this, India has one of the highest rape record in time,still confused? 

i"ll break it down, Indian men are rapist(10% out of 100 are not)
Even if a woman wasn't raped in physical, the way Indians look and touch a lady inappropriately will make you as a foreigner want to take the next flight back to your country. They rape you with their eyes...ewwwww! 

 You don't think Indians are liars,cheaters and fraudsters? Here is the reason why, If you step your foot into Indian for the first time, you will be cheated and robbed! except you are lucky.

 They have a way of knowing that you are new and they rob you and cheat you of your money either by pretending to be doing you a favor or helping you out and they cheat you of your every dime without pity! i was a victim!

Wondering how they are liars? i|ll tell you how, Have you ever met an Indian man who you thought was reasonable and ends up being a different person overnight?

  We all have met that one Indian guy on Facebook,Instagram or Twitter. Who would text you,and tell you of how beautiful you are, how different they are from the rest?

 HAHHAA it is all a lie! its just to get you in their bed and pay you off like a cheap prostitute! they have no respect, no single truth in them, they are the biggest failure when it comes to love and relationship.

There are many reason which would be further expatiated for you in a another post! stick around to know more drop your opinion about this below!

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