June 22, 2017

    How To Achieve A Perfect Skin.

        Every human has had to deal with one skin problem or another at every phase of their lives. From birth, to childhood, teenage age and even as adults. 

This problems could either be skin rash,hypersensitivity,dryness and acne. The skins needs some extra attention so that a flawless looking skin can be achieved.hopefully this post will give you some basic tips you need to know to keep your skin fresh and beautiful.

       There are certain things to that must be done on your own part. so namely.

A. ASSESSMENT: skin type and skin challenges that you face regularly should be assessed.
B. Once you find out your skin type whether it is a sensitive,oily,rough,wrinkles or normal skin,then you should "develop and plan" out an effective way to go about treating it.

      How do you do this?
  • Map out a daily skin routine plan.
every daily skin care routine plan should include:

  • The soap should carefully be chosen. many times it is advised that you visit the doctor they would be of great help in choosing the right soap for your skin type.

  • some skin issues arise as a result of improper bathing time. skin bath should be carried out at least twice a day. this helps to remove dead skin cells.
  • Towels,face wipes and foot wipes should be clean. towels and all forms of bodily wipes should be laundered at least twice a week and maximum 4 times a week. Preferably its best to have more towels at your disposal. 

its good to exfoliate our skin.They are effective because they slough off dead skin cells. washing our skin does not take out all debris completely,to do that its necessary to exfoliate the skin more often. 

all type of skin still needs to be moisturized regularly.. moisturizers are helpful because they hydrolyze the skin.

 For normal skin: its best to go for a moisturizer that's water based, this water based moisturizers contain a cyclomethicone. they have they make the skin feel smooth and fresh.
 For oily skin: its best to check out these oil control method. its best to opt for skin products that are "non- comedogenic" oily skin accumulates oil and debris on skin pores but using this type of products help to prevent pore clogging.
For sensitive skin: its best you pick out products that contains natural ingredients like honey,aloe vera, and chamomile. 
For dry skin: a much better moisturizer will be one thats highly hydrating and oil-based.use moisturizers containing dimethicone.

 After assessing your skin type and developing a skin care plan and routine the next thing is to go ahead and implement your skin care plan remember in doing this you need patience and consistency. 

      Let's go ahead and find out the ways you can attain a good skin. 

     Baths should be taken every day at least twice a day. If you don't do this your skin would age quickly and the appearance of your skin will look dull and shabby. Bathing once a day is not enough to keep your skin smooth and clean. Dead debris when accumulated on our skin can cause pores to clog,when this happens the chances of  acne formation is high.

      Accumulation of dead cells in skin pores can affect the normal functioning of the skin most times when this sweets pores clog it prevents the skin from absorbing u.v rays from sunlight proper many times it can result in skin cancer. 

    Its mostly advice's that you visit a dermatologist in matters concerning your skin. Acne are the most common skin problem faced by so many people in different age groups.

With proper treatments using cleansers containing salicylic acid or triclosan rashes can be cured. or better still you can try out some natural remedies for acnes

 Applying a daily skin care routine is a major strategy that can be used to combat acne. its very difficult to combat acne but you can overcome this by trying medicated spots treatment creams, it can be in form of an ointment,cream and many times medications. 

consistency would definitely give you desired results but if you dont see any. they visit a dermatologist some persistent pimples could be a symptom of infection e.g staphylococcus epidermidis which is a normal skin flora,it becomes infectious when it multiplies excessively.

     This is simply the discoloration of the skin. many people fall in such category. its the unevenness of skin color. mostly occurs to women during
pregnancy, could also be as a result of long exposure to sunlight, use of some beauty cream that put pressures on skin affecting melanocytes{which are skin cells responsible for color differentiation}. in treating this select products containing retinoids. this is an acid derived form vitamin A.

  The above points listed would not be give you a perfect and desired result without some special health care tips.

    water is very important for maintaining a fresh skin. how? every cell,tissues and organ needs water to stay healthy and functional,that also doesn't exclude the skin!!! the skin is the largest organ in our body so it needs lots of water to appear and stay healthy. water should be taken


  • every morning when you wake up. it has been scientifically proven that water if taken every morning boost our system functionality for the whole day. it also flushes the body system keeping it free from toxins.
  • During the day time,especially after sweating. swe sweat when our  body is trying to maintain the body temperature drinking water can keep you refreshed and make your skin feel less sweatier.
      Your diet should be healthy enough and nutritive so that it meet up with your daily nutrient requirement. every meal should contain all nutrients. our skin needs more vitamins and minerals to remain fres and glowing. importantly vitamins should be vitamin A,C,E AND K. fruits you can take includes:

  • Bananas.
  • oranges.
  • grape juice or cranberry.
  • Apricots.
  • Apples. 

Vegetables are also good sources of vitamins veggies like, spinach,cauliflowers and Vegemite.


      Sleep is very important for proper growth and development of our bodily organs,tissues and cell. when you sleep your body cells reproduce. worn out cells are replaced by newer cells,Blood circulation happens more rapidly and freely without obstruction, metabolic processes slow down. 

  That's why whenever you get enough sleep you become more agile and stronger. If the body is subjected to less sleep then the skin will be put under a lot of pressure,it can result to a dull appearance of skin color,acne formation, wrinkles and dark circles.

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